By choosing Semi-New Computers, you will:

  • Reduce your recycling costs. Remove reusable computers from your recycling stream.
  • Go green. Shrink your environmental footprint by ensuring your electronics are reused rather than recycled.
  • Support your local community by helping to bridge the digital divide. We provide our refurbished computers at a low cost to local non-profits, schools, and families.  
  • Support a socially responsible business.


How We Operate

Are you like other large organizations that recycle, at a considerable cost, thousands of pounds of electronic waste each year?  Our company, Semi-New Computers, has developed a service that will help you reduce the number of computer CPUs, monitors, keyboards, mice and speakers that would otherwise enter the recycling stream.

We do not replace your existing recycling contractor.  You just give them fewer units to recycle.  We extend the useful life of these computers by refurbishing them and offering a source of high quality, very low cost computer systems to not-for-profit organizations, schools and households.

In the last year, requests for our refurbished computer systems have grown substantially so we are now offering our computer re-use program to additional organizations that could take advantage of the cost reductions and the ecological benefits we offer.

The program works this way:  We maintain a centralized workshop where computer equipment is received from our client organizations.  Our technicians perform an initial inspection and move reusable equipment to our shop area.  Monitors are tested and CPUs are cleaned and evaluated by a workforce of special needs high school age students from the LABBB Collaborative “School to Work” program, an educational collaborative based in Massachusetts. The students assist us according to their individual ability and gain work and computer skills through this experience.

Trained, professional technicians then refurbish the CPUs, adding missing parts, removing any data or original software, testing all components and reloading a “day one” configuration of operating system and utilities.  Any machines which fail our testing and loading procedures are returned to our client’s recycling stream for disposal. CPUs are classified according to their basic configuration; CPU Type, RAM and Hard Drive size, etc.  We market the refurbished systems according to these configurations. All equipment is backed by our ninety day repair-or-replace warranty.

We sell to an extensive list of New England based not-for-profit organizations, schools, church groups, labor unions, individuals and families who have a need for high-quality, low-cost computer systems for work or home use.  All are free to buy; we do not have a means test.


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